Pastoral Message from Fr. Shnork Souin, Pastor * 201-306-4304 or Dear Faithful and children of the Armenian Orthodox Church, In light of growing concerns and the spreading of the novel coronavirus COVID-19, we have received a new directive from our Primate Bishop DANIEL in these unprecedented times. He is instructing us to inform our parishioners and friends that the church offices and facilities will be closed and that from today until Holy Thursday, April 9th, including Palm Sunday, the Holy Badarak/Divine Liturgy and or Prayer Services, will be offered with the church doors closed. No one will be allowed to enter the church at any time, except the priest and a skeleton crew of liturgical servers, Dn. Michael and perhaps one or two others as appointed by the priest. Please note that I am personally strictly forbidden by my healthcare team of doctors and my primate to leave the house as I am severely Immune-compromised since my heart transplant. This is a great source of frustration for me but I am thankful that we are blessed with a wonderful and very capable young deacon who can perform prayer services at the church as needed required. You will however be in my prayers. We will make ever effort to “livestream” prayers and services which yo can CLICK , save and refer to on FaceBook, Youtube and other social media and want to assure you all that while we are separated physically, we are together united in prayer. We urge you to stay away from crowds, practice social distancing, avoid anyone who is ill, has a fever or other symptoms, encourage them to call their healthcare professionals PCP. Remember the virus stays active on surfaces for many hours. Wash your hands often. If you have questions or suspicions, the Coronovirus hotline is 401-222-8022. If you are elderly, alone and need groceries or prescriptions picked up, please or call me, Fr. Shnork 201-306-4304, to arrange delivery or pick up. Our altar servers are ready to help. If you need prayers, please also do not hesitate to reach out. Yes, it sounds very ominous and awkward, but we must abide by the directive of our Bishop, health professionals, and the advisement of local and federal authorities who are all collaborating in an effort to mitigate the spread of this very contagious disease. Everyone must understand the extremely fragile situation we are all in and support the world efforts in preventing the virus from spreading further. We must be vigilant and constantly prayerful. Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy! Compassionate and merciful heavenly Father, we bow before you with all our weaknesses and wrongdoings and entreat you, forgive us our trespasses and fill us with the power of your Holy Spirit, take away our fear and anxieties, give heed to the supplications of all men and women suffering from the illness that has covered the world causing grief and death. We trust in you, Lord, with all our hearts. Dispel this illness from every corner of the world by the power of the holy and victorious Cross and by the holy hand of your Son Jesus. Glory be to the Father, to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, forever and ever. Amen.

Prayerfully Fr. Shnork Souin 201-306-4304 Register as an organ donor
The Lord is my strength and my shield my heart trusts in him. Psalms 28:7 NOTE *Check Facebook updates. *Web site updates *All events including Palm Sunday Dinner and Washing of the Feet are cancelled. *You can request prayers and requiems which will be conducted with all solemnity and faith. *Sunday Bulletin will be available digitally and the readings can be accessed on-line via links on the website. *Wash your hands regularly, each time reciting the Our Father or Hayr Mer. *Practice Social Distancing. *Do Not take the spread of disease lightly and keep your children even and especially college age and teenage home except in emergency. *Please pray for our planet, our community, our church, our government authorities, the very sick and especially those who have died of this disease. *Call me anytime and stay digitally connected Der Shnork 201-306-4304 Nayiri 401-272-7712

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