Notice: Sundays of Great Lent Starting on February 11 the feast of Poon Paregentan, the curtain of the main altar will be draped throat the divine liturgy and then remaining veiled threat of the period of Lent until Palm Sunday. Holy communion will not be offered to the faithful throughout this period. If one is in need of holy communion for any emergency reason they should Speak to the celebrant priest at the immediate conclusion of the divine liturgy. The reason for the veiled altar is to signify the separation from God in the garden of Eden as a result of Adam’s and our sinful nature. Lent is a time of repentance and penitence to guide the faithful towards a deeper understanding of the sacrifice of atonement made by our Lord upon the hill of Gargatha at his crucifixion. Length is therefore a perfect time to experience the joyful sorrow of our Lord’s love demonstrated in his death and resurrection celebrated at Easter. Fr. Shnork Souin

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