War in Artsakh

Dear all, We are all keenly aware of the horrific situation that our homeland is in, even and especially now with a cessation of hostilities. Our enemies remain our enemies. I know that this present reality is unacceptable for each person who is of Armenian origin, and is the darkest day perhaps worse than April 24, 1915. We need to consolidate and unite, support and pray as a nation and church now more than ever and always ask the Lord to have mercy on us. Let us rebuild now, and make our nation better than ever. Please give to the www.armeniafund.org even until it HURTS!! Deny yourself for our nation and our identity. Prayerfully with great hope and love, Fr. Shnork, Pastor

Annual Food Festival

November 21, 2020

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  Dear friends and faithful, While we are still in a state of Pandemic and dealing with lifestyle modifications, our church and community has been very busy and active with prayer, careful social gathering, Christian education and outreach. Services and the distribution of the sacred mysteries of Holy Communion, Baptism and Marriage are now being offered. Please join us.
Remember, to please join us each Sunday for regular and consistent worship as we comprise, by the Holy Spirit and Christ’s real presence with and through us, His Body!! Prayerfully Fr. Shnork Souin, Pastor

Pray  for Artsakh 

Donate here: www.himnadram.org or www.armeniafund.org

  • Note: Use of mask and hand sanitizer is mandatory-please bring your own.
  • The elderly or those who are frail or symptomatic should stay home and stay safe.

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On-line Services at Events Tuesday Evenings at 7:00pm. – Bible Studies – send an e-mail to Dn. Michael and ask to be invited to Bible Study. You’ll get weekly links.
  • Contact Dn. Michael to receive the link to the online Zoom meeting. You will need to download Zoom Meeting app on your computer or other smart devices/phones in order to participate.
  • Friday Evening at 7:30pm – Cultural Hour on Facebook Programming includes Meet the Doctors, and Culture, music, history, dance etc. streaming via Facebook/ZOOM.
  • Der Shnork’s Youtube Station 
Contact/e-mail:  Fr. Shnork Souin at dershnork@gmail.com or Nayiri (office) at office@stsahmes.org

 (If you use Amazon, and want to support our ministry, please consider converting to www.amazonsmile.com and choose “Armenia Fund USA” as a beneficiary)

Ministries during the COVID-19 Pandemic 
Divine Liturgy – While Services are now OPEN to the PUBLIC, they are Streamed via Facebook Live Celebrated on Sundays  10:00AM
  1. Divine Liturgy – Streamed via Facebook Live Sundays 9:30-11:00 AM
  2. Check weekly parish emails for links to virtual ministries
  3. Sign up for our e-mails (follow the “subscribe” link ).
  4. Virtual Bible Study  – via Zoom led by Fr. Shnork (all are welcome) 
  5. Outdoor Home BlessingsNote: If you would like us to visit your home please contact Fr. Shnork at dershnork@gmail.com
  6. Book Study – “Mere Christianity” – via Zoom Led by Dn. Michael Sabounjian
  7. The office is now open on Fridays from 10-2pm. However, please call anytime at 401-272-7712 and we will return your call.
  8. Baptisms and Funerals can now be served in the church with limited seating only and baptisms by “special” consideration. (Please speak directly with  the pastor, Fr. Shnork

Our mission is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The following account was taken from the church’s 75th Diamond Jubilee booklet and was written in 1988. It covers the years 1875 through 1988. As part of the preparations for the church’s 90th anniversary this article is being update to include the past 16 years. When completed, it will be posted here. The Armenian settlement of Providence was an extension of the Worcester community. It is said that in 1875 Hagop Boghigian arrived in America and settled in Massachusetts. He wrote to his relatives and friends in the Old Country and informed them that there were many opportunities for work in Worcester. Read More

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