Saints Sahag and Mesrob Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church

Welcome to Saints Sahag and Mesrob Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church. We are a parish located in the heart of Providence Rhode Island on Smith Hill whose beautiful Armenian Style Cupola crowned with an Armenian Cross which is illumined with a blue light, is overlooking route 95 on the corridor between Boston about an hour north and New York City about two hours south west. Our parish worships according to the ancient apostolic traditions and adheres to the Orthodox confessions and councils of the early church as handed down by the apostles and fathers of the church. She is a parish which has served the community for over a century and serves the spiritual, cultural and social needs of the congregation which has become more and more diverse form its immigrant roots following the Armenian Genocide. She is composed of younger and senior faithful, immigrants and children form for to five generations of Armenian Americans and converts who have been received into the ancient faith of the Church of our Lord Jesus among the Armenians.

Please consider joining us and worshipping with us next Sunday. Services begin at 9:30 am and full English translations of the liturgical services are cast on two 72 inch HD monitors to insure a wholly edifying and coherent spiritual experience at the celebration of the living and life giving Holy Supper of our Lord at the Divine Liturgy.

Prayerfully with great hope and love,

Fr. Shnork, Pastor

Fr. Shnork’s Mission Statement

My mission is to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ according to the holy apostolic teaching, practice and doctrine of the Armenian Church in order to equip the parishioners of Sts. Sahag and Mesrob Armenian Church with faith, hope and love, to live and to serve as members of His Church in a wholesome Armenian Christian Family.

Services and Ministries 

  • Divines Liturgy: HERE at 10:00am
  • Our weekly CULTURAL HOUR (Friday evenings at 7:30pm or when scheduled)
If you cannot join us for services live because of distance or because of pandemic, please watch live every Sunday beginning at 9:15am (Morning Service broadcast starting at 9:30 before the Badarak/Divine Liturgy “Mass”)

Fr. Shnork’s latest sermon and other parish video events:

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For my Blog, click: “Out of the Depth’s of my Heart


Do you want to offer prayers and send a message? Why send Hallmark when you can send the BEST?

  • SSMAC Prayer Card Ministry – Request form to be sent with donation-min. $10) : Click here
Did you know that you can I have your church send a personalized prayer card On your behalf? They are multi-purpose and are available for various occasions.
Families will be notified that their loved ones will be remembered in prayer on the specific Sunday during the divine liturgy. This is a particularly great way to share your Faith and your commitment to pray for their loved ones in your church whether they are Armenian, Christian, of various other phase, are people you know your neighbors, your colleagues, your coworkers or acquaintances.
The cards are full color folded on beautiful card stock and sent from the church on your behalf and include a prayer for the particular occasion the name of those being prayed for and your name who have requested the prayers. Please call now 401-272-7712 or click link and send with donation)
Sample : Request Form (can be sent or called in 401-272-7712) Sample of front and back of bi-fold full color Prayer Card
Click any of the images for full size renditions

Armenian School – Saints Sahag & Mesrob ( – Re-opening in the Fall

Sunday School –   Saints Sahag & Mesrob ( Re-opening in the Fall

Bible Study – Tuesday Evenings at 7:00pm. – Bible Studies – send an email to Fr. Shnork and ask to be invited to Bible Study. You’ll get  links.

  • Contact Fr. Shnork  to receive the link to the online Zoom meeting. You will need to download Zoom Meeting app on your computer or other smart devices/phones in order to participate.
  • Friday Evening at 7:30pm – Cultural Hour on Facebook Programming includes Meet the Doctors, and Culture, music, history, dance etc. streaming via Facebook/ZOOM.
  • Der Shnork’s Youtube Station 
Contact/e-mail:  Fr. Shnork Souin at or Nayiri (office) at

 (If you use Amazon, and want to support our ministry, please consider converting to and choose “Sts. Sahag and Mesrob Armenian Church” as a beneficiary)

Ministries during the COVID-19 Pandemic 
Divine Liturgy – While Services are now OPEN to the PUBLIC, they are Streamed via Facebook Live Celebrated on Sundays  10:00AM
  1. Divine Liturgy – Streamed via Facebook Live Sundays 10:00-11:00 AM
  2. Check weekly digital LIGHTHOUSE BULLETIN,  and parish emails for links to virtual ministries
  3. Virtual Bible Study  – via Zoom led by Fr. Shnork (all are welcome) 
  4. Home BlessingsNote: If you would like us to visit your home please contact Fr. Shnork at
  5. The office is now open on Fridays from 10-2pm. However, please call anytime at 401-272-7712 and we will return your call.
  6. Baptisms and Funerals can now be served in the church with limited seating only and baptisms by “special” consideration. (Please speak directly with  the pastor, Fr. Shnork
Saints Sahag and Mesrob Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church’s History –  Read More

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