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The following is a list of names of veterans in our community. We have tried to be inclusive of everyone however this list is not final, it is ongoing. We hope to have a more complete list by Memorial Day of next year. This list was updated on Saturday, November 15, 2014

Please email contact Gary Nahabedian at with additions, corrections.
We are especially looking to update Branch of Service.

Deceased, Killed in Action

Avedisian, Cpl. George

Barsoian, Pvt. Mattios

Bedrosian, Capt. George

Bejian, 2nd. Lt. John

Donabedian, Capt. Anthony (Army Air Corps, 1943)

Donigian, Pvt. John W. (Army, Sicily, Italy)

Goushakjian, Steven

Harrison, Sgt. Woodrow P.

Kalagian, Pvt. Martin (Army, WWII)

Kevorkian, Pfc. Andrew (Army, Purple Heart)

Minasian, Pfc. Alfred

Nakashian, Pct. Charles

Ornadzian, Pvt. Toros

Peterson, Pvt. Hrant (Army, St. Lo, France)

Rustigian, Arshag (Army)

Samoorian, Pfc. John

Sarkisian, Pfc. Anthony N. (Army)

Tamamian, 2nd Lt. Arthur P.

Toomoian, F. 1st.C Leo

Yaghoobian 1st Lt. Charles Jr. (10/14/1967 Vietnam)

Deceased Veterans

Abajian, Charles Jr

Abajian, Jacob

Abajian, John Jr Dr

Abraham, Elliot

Abraham, George

Abraham, Harry

Abrahamian, Abraham

Abrahamian, Hurons

Aharonian, Andrew

Aharonian, Aram

Aharonian, George

Aharonian, K.

Aharonian, Kenneth

Ahlijanian, Harry M. (US Army, Korean War)

Ajootian, George

Alamian, Kazar (U.S.Army)

Ananian, George

Anjoorian, Ara

Anjoorian, Paul

Arakelian, Charles

Arakelian, Garabed

Arlen, Richard Dr.

Artinian, Arshaloos

Arzouyan, Archie

Asadoorian, Gaizag

Asadoorian, Paul D.

Asadorian, Harry (Army, WWII, Battle of the Buldge)

Asdoorian, John (Army, Korea)

Ashjian, Jacob

Avakian, Hagop

Avedisian, Avedis

Avedisian, Charles (Army, WWII)

Avedisian, Dr. John Jr. (US Army Air Force, WWII)

Avedisian, Harry

Avedisian, John (Army, WWII)

Avedisian, John Jr.

Avedisian, Manoog

Avedisian, Paramaz (Navy)

Avedisian, Vian

Avedisian, Vahe

Ayrassian, Harry

Ayrassian, Michael (Army Air Corps, WWII England)

Azarian, Dick

Azarian, Pat

Azarian, Sarkis

Babigian, Babig

Bagian, Harry

Bargamian, Charles

Bargamian, George

Barkan, Robert E. (RI Army National Guard)

Barsamian, George (Navy, WWI)

Barsamian, Haig (Army, WWII)

Barsamian, Oscar (Navy, WWI)

Barsamian, Samuel (Army, WWII)

Bedigian, Dicran

Bedrosian, Michael

Bedrosian, Peter

Bedrosian, Peter T

Bedrosian, Sarkis

Bezigian, Arshag

Bezigian, Sarkis

Boghigian, Charles B. (Marine Corps, WWII, Purple Heart)

Boghigian, Haig B. (Army)

Boghosian, Hagop (U.S. Navy, WWII)

Boghosian, Jerard

Bogosian, Harry (Navy, WWII)

Bogosian, Paul

Bohigian, Aram

Bolodian, Martin

Boyajian, George

Boyajian, Krikor

Bullukian, Harry

Chakoian, Hagop

Chapkounian, Simon

Chitchian, Archie

Chobanian, Harry

Chobanian, Hovakim

Chobanian, John

Chobanian, John

Chobanian, Mihran

Dadekhian, Souren

Damerjian, E Dr.

Danielian, John

Danielian, Leo

Daniels, John Z. (Navy, WWII)

Daniels, Malcolm (Army, WWII)

Der Minasian, Leon

Der Vartanian, A

Der Vartanian, Harry (Army, WWII)

Der Vartanian, Jack

Derderian, Hampartzoom(James) (WWII)

Dolbashian, Paul (Merchant Marines, WWII)

Dulgarian, Earl S. (WWII)

Dulgarian, George K. (Korea)

Dulgarian, Grant S. (WWII)

Emirzian, George

Eramian, Mike

Eremian, Jerry

Farmanian, Aram (Navy, WWII)

Garabedian, Albert

Garabedian, Edward

Gardiner, Raffi

Glorian, Kevork

Goodman, Lucy(Bozigian) (Army Air Corps, WWII)

Goolgasian, Harold

Goolgasian, Hrand

Goshdigian, Ara

Goshdigian, Haig

Goshgarian, Avedis

Goulet, Omer R. (Army, WWII)

Gratchian, Frederick S. (Navy, WWII & Marines)

Gray, Grant (US Marines)

Gray, Hrand

Gulasarian, Noobar

Gulkasian, Harry

Gulkasian, Leo

Gurdjian, Antronig

Gurdjian, Zareh

Gureghian, Andranig

Gurghigian, A.

Hagopian, Hagop

Hagopian, Martin

Hagopian, Mesrob

Hagopian, Steve

Hagopian, Zohrab

Hanoian, Aaron (Navy, WWII)

Hanoian, Arthur J.

Hanoian, Peter

Hanoian, Richard

Harootunian, John H. (Army Air Corps, WWII)

Haytaian, Charles (Navy WWII)

Hazian, Paul (Navy, WWII)

Hedison, H. David (Army, WWII)

Heditsian, Manoog

Henetzian, Aram

Henetzian, Jack

Hogasapian, Joseph

Hoogasian, Sisag

Hulinian, Krikor

Jaharian, Elliot (Army)

Jaharian, Misak (Navy)

Jaharian, Setrag (Army)

Jamgochian, Peter (U.S. Army)

Janigian, Ashod

Janigian, Moses H. (Army, WWI)

Janigian, Peter (Army WWI)

Janigian, Robert (Army)

Johnson, Leo

Johnson, Stepan

Jorjorian, David

Jorjorian, John

Jorjorian, Kenneth

Juskalian, Jack L

Kalajian, Anthony (Army)

Kalajian, Arthur (U.S. Army)

Kalajian, Martin (U.S. Army)

Kalarian, Lt. Z. Stephen (Navy, WWII)

Kalarian, Zareh

Kalayjian, Arsen

Kalayjian, Vahe

Kalian, John (Marines, Korea)

Kalian, John Sr. (Army, WWII)

Kaloostian, M.

Kaloostian, Sarkis

Kaloostian, Souren

Kalunian, Aram

Kalunian, Arthur

Kaprielian, Setrag

Kaprielian, Vartkes (Army, WW1, Battle of the Bulge)

Karabayan, Harry

Karabayan, Vasken

Karabayan, Zaven

Karageuzian, Nishan

Karian, Giragos

Karian, Siman

Kasabian, Bedros

Kasabian, Sarkis

Kasakian, Vartkes

Kasejian, Vartkes

Kasparian E.Jr,,

Kazarian, Archdeacon Kachadoor "Crosby"

Kazarian, George

Kazarian, George

Kazarian, Haig

Kazarian, Harold

Kazarian, Hrach

Kazarian, Leo

Kazarian, Paul Sr. (Merchant Marines)

Kazarian, Paul

Kazarosian, Hrand

Kechijian, Ara

Kechijian, Edward

Kenoyan, Charles

Keosaian, Henry

Kizarian, Harry (Marines, WWII, Navy Cross, Purple Heart)

Klanian, Charles

Klanian, 1st Lt. Peter (Army, Korean War)

Koshgarian, Cpl. Avedis Stephen (Army Air Corps, WWII)

Koshgarian, Harry (Army)

Koshgarian, Stephen (Army)

Krekorian, Carl (Navy)

Krekorian, George

Krekorian, Harry, Sr. (Army, WWII)

Krekorian, Stephen

Krikorian, Andrew

Kuzirian, Mihran

Kuzirian, Harry

Kuzirian, Sarkis

Ladefian, Charlie (Army)

Ladefian, Leo (Navy)

Ladefian, Paul (Army)

Mahdesian, Avedis (Army-Korea)

Mahtesian, Andranig

Mahtesian, Lazarus

Mahtessian, Aramast (Army, Korea)

Malatian, Kegham

Maljanian, Krikor

Mamoorian, Albert

Mamoorian, Vahagn

Mangasarian, Albert

Mangasarian, John

Mangasarian, Seth

Manougian, Mike

Manougian, V.

Mantaian, Charles

Mantayan, Peter

Marabian, Avedis

Mararian, Khoren

Maroukian, Martin

Marsoobian, George

Martiesian, Andre (Army, WWII)

Masoian, George (Navy, WWII)

Masterson, John (U.S. Navy-Coast Guard-Korea, WWII)

Mazmanian, Martin

Melikian, Michael (Coast Guard)

Melkonian, Albert

Melkonian, Frank

Melkonian, Harold R. “Hal” (Army, WWII)

Melkonian, Hrand

Melkonian, Jack

Mesrobian, Charles (Army, WWII, Purple Heart)

Mesrobian, Charles

Michaelian, Vahan

Mikialian, George

Mikialian, Harry

Mikialian, Richard

Minasian, Edward

Minasian, Harry

Minasian, John

Minasian, Samuel

Minasian, Shahnazar

Minassian, Alfred

Missirlian, Khosrof

Mooradian, Archie (Army Air Corps, WWII, Korean War)

Mooradian, Col. Moorad (Army, Vietnam)

Mooradian, David

Mooradian, Egisa (Army, Purple Heart)

Mooradian, Harry E.

Mooradian, Jacob

Mourachian, Haroutoun(Harry) Sr (Army, WWII)

Mourachian, Haroutoun(Harry) Sr (Marines)

Mourachian, Harry

Mouradjian, Aram (US Army, Korea)

Mugurdichian, M.

Mugurdichian, Micheil K. (Navy)

Muradian, Jerry (Army)

Nahabedian, Anthony N. (Korean War/Germany)

Nahigian, Haig

Nahigian, Harry (Army)

Nahigian, John

Nahigian, Kourkan

Nahigian, Rhalph

Nahigian, Zaven

Najarian, Askanaz (Army Air Corps, WWII)

Najarian, Carney

Najarian, George

Najarian, John K

Najarian, Paul

Najarian, Paul

Najarian, Paul

Najarian, Paul

Najarian, Samuel

Najarian, Samuel

Nalbandian, John

Nalbandian, M.

Narsessian, Paul Dr

Nevsherian, Jacob

Nighosian, John T. (Army)

Nigoghosian, Hagop

Noorigian, Moosegh

Norigian, Archdeacon A. Edward(Tech. Sgt.) (Army)

Ohanian, Aram(Ace) (Navy Seabee, WWII)

Onanian, Harold (Navy, WWII)

Oskoian, Charles (Army, WWII)

Oskoian, George (Army Air Corps, WII)

Oskoian, Greggory (Navy, WWII)

Oskoian, Jacob (Navy, WWII)

Ovaginian, Pizant

Pahigian, Vahey (Army, M.D.)

Pakradounian, Martin (Air Force)

Paloian, George

Papazian, Dave (Navy, WWII)

Parks, John Wesley (Navy)

Pashalian, George

Pashalian, Joseph (Merchant Marines, WWII)

Peretzian, Archie

Peretzian, Jacob

Pjojian, Arakel

Polderian, Thomas

Rahanian, Steve

Roossian, Sarkis

Rustigian, Arshag

Rustigian, Baxter

Rustigian, Zaven

Samourian, George

Sarkisian, Anthony (Army)

Sarkisian, Araxie

Sarkisian, Hagop

Sarkisian, John

Sarkisian, Melvin V. (Army, WWII)

Semak(Nahigian), Berj

Serjanian, Mihran

Seropian, Haig (Army)

Seropian, Sarkis (Marines)

Sevajian, Armand

Shagalian, Ernst

Shaghalian, Sarkis M. DMD (Army, WWII)

Shakarian, Albert

Shakarian, Garabed

Shamarian, Arthur

Shamirian, Paul (Army, WWII)

Shamshoian, Zareh

Shamshoyan, Sebooh

Shanazarian, Souren

Simmons, Zavan A

Simonian, Abraham

Simonian, John

Simonian, Mesrob

Sohigian, Robert E

Stepanian, Berch (Army)

Stepanian, Stephen (Lt. Colonel U.S. Air Force)

Surabian, Bob

Surabian, Nishan

Surabian, Paul (Navy, WWII)

Surmeian, Leo (Merchant Marine, WWII, Army, Korean War)

Suvajian, Armand (U.S.Navy WWII)

Suvajian, Greggory (WWII, 82 Airborne)

Suvajian, Gregory (U.S. Army 82 Airborne WWII)

Tahakjian, Martin

Tahakjian, Leo

Takakjian, Milton

Takvorian, Kaloust

Takvorian, Takvor

Talanian, Armenag

Talanian, Haig

Talanian, Jerry

Tamamian, Souren

Tarayan, Peter

Tashjian, Arshag

Tatarian, Paul

Tateosian, Bill

Terzian, Zack C. (Marines)

Tokmakian, Aram

Topakian, Armen

Topakian, Theodore (Army Air Corps, WWII)

Torgomian, Melkon

Torkomian, Kasper

Ungedzian, Oscar

Varjabedian, Armen

Varjabedian, Haigas

Vartanian, Harry

Vartanian, Oscar

Vaznaian, G. M. Dr

Vaznayan, George

Yaghjian, Dertad

Yagoobian, George

Yagoobian, Haig

Yagoobian, John

Yarumian, Arthur (Army, WWII)

Yeremian, Jerry Dr.

Yeremian, Karekin

Yessian, Mark Dr

Yorganjian, Paul

Zakarian, Aram

Zakarian, Elliot

Zakarian, Harry

Zakarian, Misak

Zakarian, Setrak

Zaroogian, Charles (Navy, WWII)

Zaroogian, Harry

Zaroogian, Sahag

Zooloomian, Henry

Zooloomian, John

Zorabedian, Richard

Living Veterans

Agabian, Merritt (Army, Korea)

Ajemian, Harry

Albanese, Aldo (Marines)

Ananian, Charles J.

Arakelian, Charles

Asdoorian, Lt. Col. Anna (Army, retired nurse)

Avedisian, Edward (Army)

Avedisian, Cpl. George

Avedisian, Paul (Navy)

Aznavourian, William (Army)

Barsamian, Walter (Marines, WWII)

Boghigian, Ara B. (Army)

Boghosian, Hagop (Navy, WWII)

Chakoian, Anthony (Army, Korea)

Chakoian, George (Army, Air Force)

Chakoian, Jack (Navy, WWII New Guinea/Phillipines)

Chakoian, Marion (Civil Air Patrol)

Chevian, Martin (Air Force)

Chevian, Mesrob (Army)

Chevian, Tateos (Navy)

Church, Michael J. (Army National Guard, OIF)

Der Ananian, Jasper

DerAnanian, Harry (Army)

Derderian, James (Army)

Eghian, John (Army)

Eranosian, Edward (Army, Korea)

Garabedian, Corey (RI National Guard)

Gilbert, George R.

Goshgarian, Paul A. (Navy, WWII, Asiatic/Pacific)

Hagopian, Jack (Navy, WWII)

Haroutunian, Charles

Haroutunian, David

Haroutunian, Robert

Harpootian, Jacob (WWII)

Hazian, Deron (Army, WWII)

Hovhanesian, Jeffrey (Coast Guard)

Jeranian, David S. LT. (Air Force)

Jeranian, Harry (Air Force, WWII)

Kalian, Robert V. (Army)

Kaloostian, Peter

Kaloostian, Robert (Army, Vietnam)

Kaprielian, Manoog (Navy, Vietnam)

Karagosian, Richard

Karagozian, Charles (Army-Vietnam)

Koshgarian, Avedis Stephen (Air Force, WWII)

Koshgarian, Robert

Kuzirian, Myron E. (Army, Vietnam)

Mahdesyan, Martin

Marabian, Everett (Army, Korea)

Martiesian, Lazaras (Air Force, WWII)

Masoian, Ed Jr. (Marines, Iraq)

Masoian, Steven (Navy)

Megrdichian, Michael O.

Megrdichian, Peter

Mikaelian, Tigran (Army, Iraq and Afghanistan)

Moorachian, George (Navy)

Mooradian, Anthony (Army)

Moore, Richard (Air National Guard OIF)

Moorvartian, Antranig (Army, Korea)

Mouradjian, Solomon

Muksian, Michael (Navy, WWII)

Muksian, Robert (Army)

Nahabedian, Gary (Air Force - Japan)

Nahabedian, Verez (US Army)

Nahigian, Leon

Ovaginian, Jeffrey J. Sr (Air Force)

Pakradounian, Jacob (Navy, Korea)

Pakradounian, John (Navy, WWII)

Papazian, Arthur (Army, Korea)

Papazian, Peter (National Guard)

Papazian, Vartan (Korea)

Parnagian, Yervant Sr (U.S. Army-Korean War)

Pitts, Terry (Navy)

Raphaelian Jr, Ralph (Army, Iraq)

Rustigian, Henry Jr. (Army)

Sarkisian, DC 3rd Class Petty Officer Shahin (Navy, Korea)

Serdjenian, Mihran (Navy)

Shaharian, Albert (Army, WWII)

Semerjian, Skon (Army)

Semonian, Suren (Army)

Serabian, Nishan (Army, WWII)

Serdjenian, Mihran

Serdjenian, Mihran (Navy)

Seropian, Edward

Shaharian, Albert (U.S. Army WWII)

Simonian, Samuel (WWII)

Souin, Conner (Army, OEF, Afghanastan)

Surabian, Russell (U.S. Army)

Suvajian, Herach H. (US Army-Korean War)

Stepanian, Lt. Colonel Stephen (Air Force)

Takian, Charles (Army, Vietnam)

Taraian, Peter

Tarlanian, Richard

Tashjian, George W. (Marines)

Tashjian, George, O. (Navy)

Tateosian, Aram (Navy, WWII)

Tokmakian, Harold Hrach (WWII)

Trice, Christopher (Marines, OIF)

Varadian, Nicholas (Army, Iraq)

Vatanian, Staff Sargent John (Army, OIF, OEF, Bronze Star)

Walker, Charles (Marines, Korea)

Yaghoobian, Haig Jr. (ROTC)

Yekhtikian, Malcolm (USAF)